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Triquetra Technologies, Inc. (T2), is a Woman-Owned Small Business (WSOB) providing Counter Intelligence, Information Technology (IT), Knowledge Management (KM), Training, Advisory & Assistance and Programmatic Support services.

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To be recognized as a top tier government contractor and seek to be recognized as a quality service provider, always operating with the highest level of integrity.


Anywhere in the world T2 places and leverages high quality and experienced military and civilian personnel with unmatched expertise to successfully complete our customer's strategic and tactical requirements.

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  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Professionalism
  • Innovation
  • Excellence
  • Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Community Responsibility

What We Do

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Counter Intelligence

T2 provides employees drawn from retired or separated military personnel specially selected for their recent and direct experience in the field. As a defense focused small-business, we are uniquely capable to provide highly responsive and extremely agile Intelligence support to meet both DoD and Industry needs.



T2 currently offers consulting on industrial Blockchain and mining operations. We believe Blockchain could become a staple in the day to day operations of the DoD. We are committed to helping support the DoD and other companies to get involved in this game changing technology.

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Information Technology

T2 provides comprehensive KM support for CONUS and OCONUS operations. Our current efforts provide KM services in support of wartime contingency operations for clients such as DIA, CENTCOM and NATO.

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Language & Cultural Advisory Services

T2 is currently on the the DLITE contract; the largest linguistic contract for the US military. We are confident in our ability to provide comprehensive benefits and quality applicants/linguists for the DLITE contract.

If you wish to apply for a linguist position or to learn more please click below!


The Knowledge Management Training Institute

KMTI was founded in response to an overwhelming requirement for DoD specific training for operationalized KM service providers within a wartime environment. In close affiliation with Triquetra Technologies (T2), a leading provider of KM and Knowledge Management IT support services in the Afghanistan theater of operations, KMTI was formed to better prepare operational KM's for the rigors of KM work in a wartime environment. Realizing that existing KM training and certification programs lacked relevancy and DoD context, KMTI set out to build a specifically tailored program that drew upon not just commonly available KM source materials and knowledge, but went a step further to utilize exclusively available DoD specific KM source materials from across the Military Service Branches and from the Joint DoD environment. With the assistance of several major Military Service Chief Knowledge Office representatives, KMTI compiled and now provides this custom-matched training and certification solution to anyone performing Knowledge Management and Knowledge Management IT Support duties anywhere within the DoD.

KMTI is the ONLY Knowledge Management Training and Certification provider with courses "built by DoD personnel for DoD personnel". The KMTI curriculum and certification provides anyone entering any DoD KM environment with the knowledge, skills and abilities to hit the ground running on day one. A KMTI certification will equip you with not just a generic understanding of KM, but a DoD specific perspective of the tools, techniques and procedures required for applied KM in a DoD environment.



XXXXX's professionalism and dedication demonstrate the qualities expected of NTM-A/CSTC-A team members." 



"XXXXX  is one of the best team members I have served with in over 20 years of military service."

LTC, AD Chief, Knowledge Management, NATO Training Mission- Afghanistan


"XXXXX's dedication, knowledge and exemplary efforts assisted immeasurably in the development and overall success of this office." 

DoD Chief, Knowledge Management Office


Supporting Veterans

T2 takes full advantage of our strategic location in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia to provide the unique skills our clients are looking for. There are approximately 38 military installations within a 25-mile radius of our main office; the highest concentration of military entities in the world. Because of the relatively low cost of living and the mild climates in this area many military personnel choose to stay or retire here after leaving the service. T2 utilizes the latent potential inherent in retired and separated Department of Defense and other government personnel. In our wartime support function, our staff of Veterans consistently exceed our customers' expectations.

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