Counter Intelligence

Photo by Polina Shuvaeva/iStock / Getty Images

T2 is a trusted intelligence partner in the DoD arena.  We provided analytic solutions to highly complex problem sets that supports warfighters in multiple AORs.  Our Subject Matter Experts support the intelligence cycle across multiple domains. 

Our knowledge and understanding ensures current operational insights and strategic objectives are realized.  We are keenly focused on the counter intelligence, collation and All-Source Analysis missions and leverage our skills to the maximum extent possible.  

  • Insider Threat Analysis

  • Cyber Training (Operations & Intelligence)

  • Digital Forensics & DOMEX

  • Network Exploitation

The talent we bring to the fight is continuously recognized by military and civilian leadership alike.  The government acknowledges our ability to provide relevant and timely intelligence that leads to meaningful results.  Our senior intelligence leaders are providing predictive and tailored intelligence products across the dynamic battlefield on several continents.

Contracts we are involved in across this mission set: