Knowledge Management Training Institute


Proven DoD KM Training

KMTI breaks the mold of KM Training by offering a DoD specific training and certification program. KMTI benchmarks DoD KM requirements based on active warfighter requirements derived from our Cadre of tactical KM Providers across the CENTCOM theater of operations.


Relevant to DoD KM Operations

The KMTI curriculum and certification provides anyone entering any DoD KM environment with the knowledge, skills and abilities to hit the ground running on day one. A KMTI certification will equip you with not just a generic understanding of KM, but a DoD specific perspective of the tools, techniques and procedures required for applied KM in a DoD environment.


Training Designed Around You

Instructor led or computer based training available at your location or ours.  Mobile Training Teams of experienced KM’s are available to travel to you to meet your training demands.  Courses are also available at our Virginia based Headquarters and across the country to meet regional DoD training requirements. 


Certified and Recognized

KMTI programs are based on DoD specific KM principles, vetted through actual DoD KM requirements, and delivered by KMTI’s experienced DoD KM Cadre. 

KMTI’s eLearning course helped me meet a short notice deployment training requirement while also providing me valuable KM and SharePoint skills that I was able to use as soon as I arrived.
— Bill, CENTCOM Knowledge Operations
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An Introduction to Knowledge Management for DoD Practitioners

Knowledge Management 101


In this course, you will learn about the tactical applications of Knowledge Management for DoD. With this training, you will gain a thorough understanding of basic Knowledge Management concepts.

Knowledge Management 101 is broken into 7 different online learning modules:

  • Modules 1-6 are self-paced lessons offered via the Internet.

  • Module 7 is a KM101 Core Concepts Course Assessment.

  • Students must successfully pass the Course Assessment before they can proceed to KM201 (classroom learning)

Course Outline:

  • Module 1: Fundamentals of Knowledge Management

  • Module 2: The Framework of Knowledge Management

  • Module 3: Exploring Knowledge Management at the Department of Defense

  • Module 4: Knowledge Management in the DoD Services

  • Module 5: Knowledge Management: Roles and Responsibilities

  • Module 6: Embracing Change

  • Module 7: Comprehensive Final Exam: KM Core Concepts

Taking KMTI’s KM Master Course provided me everything I needed to know to hit the ground running as a KM supporting NATO operations in Afghanistan. No other program had the context to make KM make sense to me.
— Nick, NATO Training Mission Afghanistan
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DoD Knowledge Management Master Certification

Knowledge Management 201

Once you complete the KM101 course you will be eligible to continue your Knowledge Management education with our four-day instructor-led classroom training. KMTI's DoD Knowledge Management Master Course is a two-phase certification program that provides learners a comprehensive understanding of both the information regarding KM in the DoD and the applied practice of KM in the DoD.

In Phase I, Learners participate in a series of eLearning modules designed to baseline their understanding of the basic principles of KM and then further refine that understanding within a DoD context. The Phase I eLearning portion is professionally mediated by an experienced DoD KM and Learners' progress and understanding of the content is closely observed and mentored via asynchronous connection to our Cadre of KM Professionals. Upon successful completion of the Phase I final exam, Learners will qualify to attend the Phase II segment of the KM Master Course.

Phase II is a face-to-face event led by an experienced KMTI DoD KM Practitioner/Instructor. The Phase II course emphasizes the application of the basic concepts Learners acquired in Phase I. Coursework consists of scenario-based exploration of KM applications in real-world derived scenarios. 

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SharePoint Power User

SharePoint 201

KMTI's DoD SharePoint Power User Course is an in depth instructional event designed to provide Learners with the skills and abilities to successfully conduct intermediate to advanced SharePoint tasks within a DoD SharePoint 2010 environment. Using KMTI's exclusive DoD SharePoint eLearning space, students will receive facilitated instruction in the complex capabilities of SharePoint. Specific emphasis is placed on leveraging the functional parameters of SharePoint within a restrictive DoD environment. Learners are provided instruction on how to best use SharePoint to meet the needs of the operational military customer.