Knowledge Management

Photo by Anchiy/iStock / Getty Images

T2 provides comprehensive KM support for CONUS and OCONUS operations. Our current efforts provide KM services in support of wartime contingency operations for clients such as DIA, CENTCOM and NATO. Our services are technology agnostic and not tied to a specific KM system or IT infrastructure. Instead, our role is to facilitate improved operational capacities for clients regardless of their chosen KM IT platform.

T2 is heavily engaged in the design, development, deployment and maintenance of KM strategy and supporting KM infrastructures. Our KM appraisal staff work side-by-side with our client SME's and end-users to ensure that not only data is organized and managed in an effective way, but also so that the data is accessible and available to whomever requires it.

We have found that organizational deployment of KM faces its most significant challenges when stakeholders fail to agree on what constitutes information, what constitutes data, and what constitutes knowledge. Our value to organizations is our ability to leverage tactically proven approaches to analyze organizational KM strategies and environments. We have a simple benchmark process that defines KM components in a generally accepted way – this acceptance becomes the cornerstone of KM Stakeholder management, which is the lynchpin to effective KM Strategy development, deployment and sustainment.