Knowledge Management should not be an ‘add on’

Knowledge management should not be an ‘add on’ or ‘bolt on,’ it’s a discipline that needs to be incorporated in how we do business” expressed by Dr. Robert Hambly, the knowledge management specialist for Defense Media Activity (DMA) at the Federal Knowledge Management Working Group. Knowledge Management isn’t simply a system in which you input data. Rather, it’s a process and strategic approach to collect, analyze and disseminate valuable information across an organization. Knowledge Management is a way to collect, analyze and communicate information believed to be valuable across an organization. It is also using one’s own knowledge to add context and create action. The sharing of new knowledge is what creates a learning organization like DoD able to make better decisions and, ultimately, stay ahead of adversaries.

Successful knowledge management simply “connects those who know to those who need to know” according to John Holloway, knowledge management lead for the DOD Chief Information Officer He also explained that the forthcoming DOD Instruction 8220.a will establish a solitary definition of knowledge management and assign individual responsibilities. This will be a huge step forward on the Knowledge Management front for DoD since each arm of the military has been using their own interpretation and definition for what Knowledge Management is to them.

For our warfighters, the benefits from Knowledge Management are crucial.

Proper Knowledge Management creates:

  • Superior decision-making
  • Faster response times
  • Improved employee skills
  • Improved productivity
  • Better collaboration
  • Increased situational awareness
  • Better situational handling

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