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Speeding Up the Security Clearance Process

With a backlog of roughly 700,000 background checks, the National Background Investigations Bureau (NBIB) Director, Charles Phalen, is eager to improve the process of obtaining federal background investigations. The current waiting period for secret clearances/Tier 3 investigations is about four months, and top secret/Tier 5 investigations are taking up to 10 months. 

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Knowledge Management should not be an ‘add on’

Knowledge management should not be an ‘add on’ or ‘bolt on,’ it’s a discipline that needs to be incorporated in how we do business” expressed by Dr. Robert Hambly, the knowledge management specialist for Defense Media Activity (DMA) at the Federal Knowledge Management Working Group. Knowledge Management isn’t simply a system in which you input data. Rather, it’s a process and strategic approach to collect, analyze and disseminate valuable information across an organization.

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Flying Knowledge Management Systems

Two of the latest generation of stealth fighter jets sent a message to Kim Jong Un last week as they flew over the Korean Peninsula in mock bombing drills. The F-22 Raptor and the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter would likely lead any necessary air campaigns against North Korea. Although they may seem very different than what we might picture as a traditional KM system, each of these advanced fighters carry their own inflight versions of KM.

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